Systematics of Hydrophyllaceae (Boraginales)

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meet outside the herbarium, at the feet of the t-rex

Wankel T rex UC Berkeley VLSB

huge thanks for bnhm online


StreetView Botany


sketching science

phacelia illustration grid

phacelia cedrosensis notes



GOD’s borages online in CollectionSpace

Cite as GOD in UC

CollectionSpace SearchPortal


the face of Cthulhu in a flower


A pocket full of posies

emmenanthe rosea

plate illustration begins

plate illustrations begin

happy hydrophylls at the sjsu herbarium

sharsmith herbarium sjsu

superior flower power

flower model

mermaid friend

pink is punk on the beach

reading inside reading outside reading

reading inside

reading outside






drowning in diploids

drowning in diploids

studying to write a draft quiz

plant morphology quiz prep

parachute strapping


herbarium suppy co plant press

management, not research

shallow time sampling

this is what time looks like



normal science

suggest the possibility

collecting artifacts: curating the chimeric specimen


serving size: THE FUTURE

lunch tray

found rainbow

nina was here

needed: museum IPM manual for the post-apocalypse

die. die die

summer sf state

anchusa azurea sfsu

time travel




Journal of the Horticultural Society of London 3_319–320_1848