Systematics of Hydrophylloideae (Boraginaceae)

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borages bloom all year round

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The Berkeley Buckeye and UC Berkeley Tree Fund FU0785000

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models of botany

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because i’m happy, fern.

because i'm happy, fern.

receptacular spectacular

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Introduction to California Plant Families, March 2014 Jepson Herbarium Workshop

UC Berkeley Jepson Herbarium Workshop Introduction to California Plant Families

Window collections for the 21-23 March 2014, UC Berkeley Jepson Herbarium Workshop Introduction to California Plant Families with Sheryl Creer and Christina Yunker. Papaveraceae, Garryaceae, Boraginaceae on the sill, looking out to California Hall, the Campanile, and the hundreds of plant families outside.

UC Berkeley Campus Map & TJM2/APGIII tour Magnoliids

A self guided tour of the UC Berkeley Campus for Magnoliids [TJM2/APGIII]. Downloadable PDF here.


TJM2_TableFamilies_gkw03192014_pp3 Jepson Plant Families Table. Included plant families in TJM2, compared with treatment in A flora of California [1909-1943], TJM1993, TJM2, Supplement 1 2013 [S1 2013], and Jepson eFLORA. TJM2 Phylogenetic Index Clade name in terminal column. Link to three page downloadable PDF here.

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Phacelia monoensis


I’m a botanist, not a Pepo person. - I'm a botanist, not a Pepo person. Squashed that potential nomenclatural disaster!

JARVIS, C. E. 1992. Seventy-Two Proposals for the Conservation of Types of Selected Linnaean Generic Names, the Report of Subcommittee 3C on the Lectotypification of Linnaean Generic Names. Taxon 41(3):552-583.

Botany lesson of the day - Botany lesson: Your banana is berry inferior.

Submission feels so good

It does. It really does.


Cal Photo of the Day – Phacelia viscida

The UC Berkeley homepage photo of the day [by Martin Sundberg] highlights the super cool work of the Gordon Frankie lab and the Urban Bee Gardens.

Their awesome research is expanding the applied uses and economic utility of Phacelia taxa in agriculture and apiculture.

And what’s that in the foreground? Phacelia viscida!


2013 Jepson Herbarium Workshops

The new schedule is out for the 2013 year of the Jepson Herbarium Workshops!

I am going to be teaching Basic Botany: Mastering the second edition of The Jepson Manual – with two options for workshop dates. One workshop will be offered on Feb 9th and another on Mar 9th. This should be a good early spring and excellent class series that we have developed from the Jepson Manual 101 clinics this year.

Registration is open early online for Friends of the Jepson Herbarium Questions can be directed to our courageous Jepson Workshop Coordinator. Information for past years and for the new 2013 schedule for the Jepson Workshops can be found at



California Botanical Society online payments!

The California Botanical Society has online payments available on the updated website! Check it out, there is great stuff for everyone looking to join the epic Society or renew your membership, apply for the Annetta Carter Memorial Fund, order back issues, link over to new issues of Madroño, get information for submitting articles to Madroño, or save the date for the upcoming Centennial Celebration April 12-14, 2013.

I heard a rumor that signed copies of a special issue could be requested  [KELCH, D. G., and A. MURDOCK. 2012. Flora of the Carquinez Strait Region, Contra Costa and Solano Counties, California. Madroño 59(2):47-108.]

Online payment is available at

Any questions, comments, issues, glitches, or requests can be directed to any of the members of council. Compliments for the updated webpage can be sent to our wonderful webmaster.

Jepson Workshops Blog

The Jepson Herbarium Workshops has a great tumblr going.

Part inspiration from past workshops, and part anticipation for the upcoming year. Share your favorite photos from workshops you have attended with our Jepson Workshop coordinator via email. I think my favorite so far is  from the ‘planning’ post. Although I am partial to that Phacelia Friday.


This is a typical scene of botanists starting to scatter across the landscape at a stop from the 2012 White Mountains workshop.