Systematics of Hydrophyllaceae (Boraginales)

Jepson Manual 101 clinics

second edition, the Jepson Manual, Vascular Plants of CaliforniaThe Jepson Herbarium is celebrating and educating! JEPS is hosting Jepson Manual 101 clinics, which are super short and super fast Friday versions of the longer [but also super fun] Jepson Workshops. It is a great way to use your new Manual [extra copies also available for sharing], get an overview of the expanded & improved & new stuff in the book, and key out fresh material as a group. Jepson workshops have a sweet set of new microscopes and plenty of dissection kits, and the Herbarium conference room in VLSB 1002 is absolutely great. Also, snacks.

Staci Markos and our Jepson Workshop coordinator led the way, and we had a great time with participants for the first clinic yesterday. We successfully keyed Fragaria chiloensis and Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum. I learned a ton! Have you looked at a hypanthium today? Was the receptacle strawberry-like? Was it red, or was it purple?

Bringing in material to the herbarium was fantastic as preparation, so many names have changed since the 1993 Manual, and it is remarkable to have all of these updates in one book. It is gnarly, but the 1993 Manual and the 2nd edition Manual are entirely different books. I was thinking that I could refer back and forth between the two, work on my biceps, using the online Jepson Interchange to help my learning curve. But the 2nd edition is completely new. Completely different. Completely awesome. The index is now one of the first places I go to, because my book spine isn’t broken in yet. I brought in Taraxia ovata [formerly Camissonia ovata], Polypodium californicum, Romulea rosea var. australis, and Castilleja wightii, which Margriet Wetherwax kindly identified for me [it is a perennial, not an annual like I thought]. And she signed my new Jepson! Now I have to go look for the red flowered ones too [I brought in the yellow flowered ones yesterday], and watch for hummingbird pollinators!

I am looking forward to more of these clinics, which will be held on various Fridays throughout the spring and summer. Check in with the UC & JEPS herbarium [on facebook too] and Jepson Workshops [, (510) 643-7008] for more information.



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