Systematics of Hydrophyllaceae (Boraginales)

From the Field

may all your plates be full this year

full plates full hearts

sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear, well, he eats you


‘One side of what? The other side of what?’

'One side of what? The other side of what?'

watch out for downed trees and dilophosaurs

watch out for downed trees and dilophosaurs

what did the deep sea say?

What Did The Deep Sea Say?

to the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife

and quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick's over

borages bloom all year round

clean up our streets

one two three four




Untitled_berkeley copy

he gambled on the green

pappy waldorf

are your fungi edible? ask a mycologist at the fungus fair dec 6 & 7

don't eat meeat me san francisco statewhat a fun guyMycological Society of San Francisco Fungus Fair 2014

meet outside the herbarium, at the feet of the t-rex

Wankel T rex UC Berkeley VLSB

huge thanks for bnhm online


thanksgiving crabs

my what big crabs you have

welcome to pillar point harbor

StreetView Botany


sketching science

phacelia illustration grid

phacelia cedrosensis notes



The Berkeley Buckeye and UC Berkeley Tree Fund FU0785000

The UC Berkeley Tree Fundberkeley buckeye

fiat lux

fiat lux

GOD’s borages online in CollectionSpace

Cite as GOD in UC

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the face of Cthulhu in a flower




The sun it went down,

The sun it went down

We all fall down.

We all fall down.