Systematics of Hydrophylloideae (Boraginaceae)

From the Field

sand dunes and sequins


snozzberries taste like snozzberries


Glück in die luft




you’ve got the midas touch, everythink turns to gold

youve got the midas toucher youre head is full of gold

there were no birds to fly

fly far fly on

duck duck grey goose

duck duck grey goose

you have to learn to fly, but the view is amazing

you have to learn to fly

nickels for prickles

roses have dill prickles

botany and branching rainbograms


botany and icebows

botany and icebow

your flora is so big and your species are so many


shallow time sampling

this is what time looks like



normal science

suggest the possibility

busy bee


may the road rise up to meet you

sunrise to sanfrancisco


form function character

form function character

collecting artifacts: curating the chimeric specimen


serving size: THE FUTURE

lunch tray

found rainbow

nina was here

flotation device

parachute inflate

needed: museum IPM manual for the post-apocalypse

die. die die

hey ChoBro, you know your 100 Calories = 1000 calories

Nature doesn’t give a fuck. And Nature, in all capitals because it seems to be a proxy for a larger entity here, didn’t give ChoBro 100 kcal. Google what a Calorie is. Wolfram alpha some conversions to Joules. ChoBro products are highly engineered, thoughtfully designed food units that benefit from innovations and technologies from across all fields of science – this includes growing crops, transportation, testing, and keeping food products safe to market.

Bananas are seedy and tasteless berries in the wild. Apples and strawberries are delicious because intensive ag breeding and integrated pest management. Pasteurization and fermentation are brilliant (see: cheese, beer). Natural flavors are chemistry – and solvents are absolutely central to process those stevia and monkfruit sweeteners. Romy knows about the adhesives used to seal those lids. There was a whole flashback scene about it.


Ughhhhhhhhhh. I feel so bad for every microbiologist and dairy farmer currently on billing. Like “Nature” magically pays vet bills.

A company  that promotes opaque ”local’ crafting’ methods at the expense of the science it relies on  is celebrating ignorance. The products have a limited shelf life now or in the zombie apocalypse. PRESERVATIVES WILL SAVE YOU, ChoBro.


And now, a calming photo  to remind us where beer comes from:

this is where beer comes from

register for upcoming Jepson Workshop: Introduction to California Plant Families

There is still space available (and still time) to register for the 8-10 August session of our Introduction to California Plant Families Jepson Herbarium Workshop at UC Berkeley! Click on the hyperlinked Dipsacaceae mouse below or HERE for registration info.


dipsacaceae mouse

Dipsacaceae mouse by our Workshop Coordinator. We’ll be learning about bracts of all sorts to learn and key plant families – involucres and involucels, spectaculars and receptaculars, cone bracts, cyathophylls, spathes, lemmas and paleas, and bractlets and bracteoles.